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Do you want to be part of building tomorrow's financial infrastructure? Then you should come join Euroclear Sweden! Euroclear Sweden is the Swedish Central Securities Depository offering efficient securities management services to companies, and clearing and settlement.

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We offer: services to ease securities administration to some 1, issuers. support to over companies in holding their Annual General Meeting. transaction and asset services to over 50 banks and brokers that are members in our securities system. a digital platform for automated funds management.
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  • Här hittar du samtliga artiklar från Euroclear Sweden. Aktuellt. Till nyheten. Euroclear Sweden, fd VPC, är värdepapperscentral i Sverige och erbjuder en rad tjänster inom värdepappershantering som underlättar bolagens administration.
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    Euroclear Sweden 3 år 5 månader Head of Legal and Public Affairs maj –apr. år Stockholm, Sweden Legal Counsel dec. –maj år 6 månader Senior Associate Roschier, Attorneys.

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      Euroclear Sweden Board and Board Committees members. Euroclear Sweden executive committee related documents.
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    Ever since, we have gone by the name Euroclear Sweden. Our system for digital securities at Euroclear Sweden manages the actual exchange of securities such as shares or bonds, as well as money transferred as a result of trade on the Stockholm Stock Exchange and other marketplaces.

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    For more information please contact. Robert Eriksson, Director, Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations. Tel: +46 11 26 on@ Orrön Energy is uniquely positioned for growth With a strong portfolio of cash-flowing renewable assets in the Nordics, greenfield opportunities in the Nordics and Europe and significant.

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    The members of the nomination committee are appointed by way of the chairman of the board of directors contacting the three (3) largest shareholders in the Company in terms of votes, pursuant to Euroclear Sweden AB’s printout of the share register on 1 September each year, and ask them to nominate one representative each in order to.

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