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    Jugendstil (German pronunciation: [ˈjuːɡn̩tˌstiːl] ⓘ; "Youth Style") was an artistic movement, particularly in the decorative arts, that was influential primarily in Germany and elsewhere in Europe to a lesser extent from about until about

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The term Jugendstil, meaning "Young Style," was derived from the magazine Die Jugend, and the style tended toward floral motifs, arabesques, and organically inspired lines and eventually moved toward abstraction and functionalism.


Jugendstil, artistic style that arose in Germany about the mids and continued through the first decade of the 20th century, deriving its name from the Munich magazine Die Jugend (“Youth”), which featured Art Nouveau designs. Two phases can be discerned in Jugendstil: an early one, before
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    Utställningsbyggnad från för Jugendstil-konst i Darmstadt. Stilen fick i de flesta länder namnet art nouveau ("ny konst"), efter butiken Galerie d'Art Nouveau i Paris, som drevs av den tyske konsthandlaren Siegfried Bing, där denne ställde ut flera objekt i den nya konststilen.

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    The Jugendstil movement was enthusiastically popularized by a number of new publications addressing both fine and applied arts, such as Pan and Die Jugend (); Simplicissimus, founded in ; and Dekorative Kunst (Decorative Art) and Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration (German Art and Decoration), both founded in
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  • Als Jugendstil wird eine kunstgeschichtliche Epoche bezeichnet, die ihre Blütezeit zwischen 18erfuhr. Zu dieser Zeit hatte der Jugendstil den Ruf, eine junge, moderne und originelle Bewegung zu sein. Bei der Jugendstil-Kunst handelt es sich um eine "Nachahmung" der Natur.

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    Jugendstil. Literally, the German version of Art Nouveau, it was named after the journal Die Jugend (–) which publicized the style. It tended to be more angular and less curvaceous than its French or Belgian counterparts, (so had a Classicalizing element) and was associated with the various Sezession movements, notably in.

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    Sabine Wieber. Bloomsbury Publishing, Oct 21, - History - pages. Jugendstil, that is Germany's distinct engagement with the international Art Nouveau movement, is now firmly engrained in histories of modern art, architecture and design.